Getting Started - PRO

Welcome to Dwellicious Pro!

Here are 5 simple things to get you started:

1.     Edit your User Profile

Click on the "Profile" link on the upper right hand corner of your Dwellicious Dashboard.

Pay special attention to the "Contact Me" tab.
There are 10 fields to fill out.  Fill as many out as you can, but keep in mind the first 3 fields will be displayed as your "Business Card" to all your clients using  So, if you're a big Twitter user then that would be a good one for your first 3.

Do you have a blog?
Click on the "News Feeds" tab.
There is a quick way to include an RSS feed of your blog posts.  This will keep your Dwellicious Home Page with fresh content.  The feed will display under the "News" tab of your Dwellicious Home Page, and will list the title of the blog along with the last 5 posts.

Don't have a blog?
You can also add blog feeds from other sources you find interesting or what you think will be helpful to your clients.

2.      Install the "Add To Dwellicious" bookmarklet to your browser.
This will make it easier to use Dwellicious, Instructions can be found here.

3.    Bookmark all your active listings.

This will put your listings on your branded Dwellicious Home Page.  You may also choose to bookmark listings that are in your farm area too.

Tip:  Make sure you add Notes and Tags when you create the bookmarks.  If you farm North Beach, be sure to add  "North Beach" as a tag for all properties in your farm.  Show your clients that you are the area expert!  For a great example of this click here.

Extra Tip:  You can also bookmark non-listings websites.  So make a bookmark for your agent website, blog, twitter page, or vendors you prefer work with (lender, carpet guy, handyman, etc).  If they have a website, you can bookmark it!  For a great example of this click here.

4.     Invite all your clients to sign up for Dwellicious!
We've made it easy.  Just enter the email address in the box at the top of this page.  We will send them a nice email explaining the benefits of Dwellicious.  To see a sample of the email click here.

Buyers will find it a great tool for their home search, Sellers will use Dwellicious to bookmark listings in their neighborhood they regard as "competition", so they can follow any price changes or whether listings go off the market.  For a great example of this click here.

5.    Get the word out!

Dwellicious is a tool.  But, in order for the tool to be most effective you must invite many people to join. 

Remember is your personal website address.

Let everyone know!
Add your Dwellicious personal URL to your business cards and email signature line!

Blog about it!
Dwellicious is new and something exciting to talk about. 

Send a Tweet!
Let everyone know you are now using this new and innovative tool.