Creating a bookmark

Short video on how to create your first Dwellicious Bookmark.
You can view a larger version of the video once the video has begun.

See below for screen shots for a step by step example of creating a bookmark.

Step 1.

Do a search on one of the above real estate search portals.  In this example we are doing a search on


Step 2.

Click on "Add to Dwellicious" bookmarklet.


Step 3.

When you click on your "Add to Dwellicious" bookmarklet, this is what you will see.  Add any "Notes" you want, and create "Tags" that are features unquie to the property (4Beds, 3Bath, View, etc.)


Step 4.

Once you have done adding any "Notes" and/or "Tags" press "Create".


That's it!

Now go back to your Dwellicous bookmarks page, click on Refresh, and you should see your property added to you bookmarks.